Tips to Eliminate Frost From Your Windshield

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Winter has an undeniable beauty, covering the landscape with snow, and giving it a white and pristine look. While it means you can curl up in front of a crackling fire with a good book and spend some more time at home with your family, there are some downsides to these cold winter months; and frost on the windshield is one of them.

Everyone who lives in regions that experience heavy winter storms and the biting cold makes certain changes to adapt to winter driving; they also take the necessary vehicle maintenance measures so that they can drive safely. But it’s also common for many vehicle owners to fail to properly clear the frost from their windshields before heading out onto the roads. Not only is this hazardous to their safety, but it also puts other vehicles and pedestrians at risk of an accident and severe injuries.

Understanding What Frost Is

Frost is essentially the ice deposit that forms when there is humidity in the air in the colder months; and frost generally tends to form on the windshield overnight. It gets formed when the outdoor temperatures cool down to below the freezing point of water and this is what leaves behind the white residue on solid surfaces. When the exterior surface of the glass pane is exposed to extremely cold and the inner surface is exposed to moderately moist, it results in a build-up on windshield and window frost.

The coating might have a crystalline, opaque or glassy look, depending on the surface it has formed on; and this process is referred to as atmospheric icing. In the cold winter months, vehicles’ windshields covered with frost are a common sight; this build-up hampers the driver’s field of vision and makes it difficult for the person to easily see pedestrians, bicycles, vehicles or even animals on the road. When you are behind the wheel, you need 360 degrees of visibility and frost on the windshield doesn’t allow you to see the road in front of you clearly.

In certain jurisdictions, people that drive their vehicle with only a small clearance on the windshield are referred to as “peephole drivers” and are liable to be slapped with a fine for driving a vehicle that has visual obstructions. Aside from this, legal action may also be taken against the drivers in case an accident occurs where someone has suffered bodily harm.

Tips that work

Here are some effective tips to eliminate frost from your windshield:
  • If you are parking your car in an open area, cover the windshield with either a cardboard, double-folded sheet or even a lightweight tarp; this will keep your windshield protected from the elements and help prevent snow, frost and ice-build up.
  • Using a tarp isn’t feasible in regions that experience very heavy snowfall as it can become difficult to remove the heavy tarp in the morning. The next best thing to do is to start up the engine and set the car heater on “high”; the defroster/heater setting will slowly thaw some of the frost that has accumulated on the windows and windshield.
  • Pour some lukewarm water slowly all over the frost-covered windshield; clear the glass surface of the remaining slush using a traditional windshield scraper or a gloved hand.
  • You can also use a commercial de-icing fluid or simply make your own at home. Mix few drops of any dishwash soap to one part rubbing alcohol and pour it into a spray bottle. The de-icer fluid should be sprayed on all the icy areas of the windshield; allow it to soak through the build-up of frost. Once the ice softens, scrape off what remains using a scraper, a gloved hand or your windshield wipers. Reapply this fluid to all difficult spots as you clean and scrape the frost off.

Safety above all

Driving during the winter months anywhere in New York State is dangerous enough without having to deal with the dangers of driving with frost on your windshield. You should always place safety above other things; follow these useful tips and use your presence of mind to ensure that you are safe when driving on the roads.

A frost-free windshield significantly reduces the chances of you meeting with an accident in the cold winter months. For any more information about the type of body work and vehicle collision repair services we provide, feel free to call and speak with our experts today.

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