The Most Common Car Collision Damages

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It’s pretty certain that every person who has ever been in a car will be in a collision in their lifetime, either as a driver or as a passenger. A large percentage of these collisions will be minor ones where a taillight or fender becomes broken while easing the vehicle into a parking lot; and in most instances, the only thing likely to be damaged is your car. Here we take a look at some of the most common car collision damages that people encounter:

#1 Damage to the front bumper

Front bumper damages account for almost a third of all automobile accident damages. Rear-end accidents tend to be more common than head-on collisions; and the latter aren’t as common as the former. Rear-end accidents also end up causing damage to other vehicles that have been involved in the collision. The bumper is susceptible to becoming damaged by a number of other obstacles as well; and once it suffers any damage like a crack, it can only spread and get aggravated over time. We all have at some time or the other miscalculated and parked too close to the parking median, the garage door or even a wall; and you should consider yourself lucky if your vehicle comes away unscathed in these situations. While bumpers are specifically-designed to protect important components located at the front of the vehicle, the bumper itself is likely to suffer a certain amount of damage at most driving speeds.

#2 Broken headlights

In an automobile accident, the headlights are one of the most damaged components of the vehicle. These parts cover both edges of the front end which is a location of least resistance in a car; headlights are made of rigid plastic, tend to take the first hit in a collision.

#3 Fenders

When it comes to vehicle damage, fenders are linked to the headlights. While they are significantly sturdier than headlights, they too are likely to become damaged in case of an impact. The damage can occur from a side end collision and even when the car scrapes against fences and garage doors.

#4 Car grille damage

Grille damages represent 20% of all collision-related damages. The primary reason why damage to this component isn’t nearly as common as damage to the headlights is because drivers always tends to swerve when they anticipate an impact and that’s what saves the grille from suffering damage even in a head-on accident.

#5 Wheels damage

Wheels represent 15% percent of all damage caused to cars in collisions. Because they are located on all the four corners of the vehicle, they are more prone to getting affected in a collision. In addition, potholes, debris, curbs and nails also cause damage and impact the condition of the tires. Fortunately, it’s just one tire that generally needs repair rather than all four.

Latest vehicle safety technology comes to the rescue

While your car may suffer minor or major damage in a collision, modern day car engineering and safety technology has advanced in a big way; and safety belts, airbags etc. help ensure that most collisions don’t result in any bodily harm to people riding in the vehicle.

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