How Long Will it Take to Fix My Car?

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One of the most common questions that clients ask when they bring their vehicle in for repairs is, “How long will it take to fix my car?” Unfortunately, there is no fixed answer to that question. The amount of time it takes to fix your vehicle after it has become damaged in a collision will vary depending on the type and severity of damage sustained by it.

There are a number of variables in play, ranging from different car body types, various internal mechanisms, and which parts have suffered damage and to what extent etc. This means the body shop would be able to give you an accurate time estimate only after they have assessed the condition of the vehicle. However, there are some specific indicators that can give you a better idea of how long it will take to get the damage fixed.

Actions that the insurance company will take

If the accident has been severe enough to require the involvement of your insurance company, the response you receive from them will affect the amount of time it takes to get your vehicle fixed and back on the road. The insurance provider has to communicate with the auto body shop and give them the nod to start on the repair work. Any delay in the communication between the company and the body repair shop will mean the repair work will need to be deferred and you will get your car back at a later date.

Minor accidents

If your car has been impacted by a minor collision like a damaged fender while backing up into a parking lot, the repairs aren’t likely to be extensive. On average, repair work that arises from minor collisions can take between one and two weeks to get done, while jobs such as scratch removal and retailing will take a shorter time to get completed.

Severe collisions

A car that has been hit in its front area, by a vehicle like a truck, can cause more severe damage; and a high speed impact results in more widespread damage. For example, if the vehicle on a highway gets rear-ended, it’s more likely to sustain severe damage to its
trunk, tail lights and back bumper among many other parts. Some challenges that may arise include:

  • When this type of a collision occurs, the body shop will have to coordinate with the car manufacturer and make sure that they source the appropriate spares for the repairs.
  • In some cases, it can take a very long time to source these parts, especially if the car is of an older make and model.
  • At times, new issues crop up after the initial assessment is complete and the repair work commences; and this can escalate the time taken to complete the repair work.

If the accident has resulted in considerable damage, or if any critical components of the vehicle have been impacted during the collision, you will have to wait for a much longer time to get your vehicle back on the road.

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