3 Ways to Remove those Pesky Salt Stains while Spring Cleaning Your Car

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It’s been a long winter here in Olean, New York for not only yourself but your car’s interior, too!

Although it may no longer be freezing outside, signs of our recent cold winter are probably still visible inside your car. One of the biggest telltale signs can be found when looking at your car’s salt stains.

Before you think they’re permanent, think again! By using one of our two natural methods described below, your car’s signs of winter will soon be eradicated!

Getting Rid of Those Troublesome Salt Stains

Salt stains may seem like they’re impossible to make disappear from a car’s carpets, but they’re really not when you use the right method!

Each of the three methods below begins by using a vacuum (preferably a wet/dry shop vac) to remove as much dirt and dry salt as possible.

Take care to use a light pressure, so that the salt is not pressed deeper into the carpets.

Method #1: Vinegar and Water

Vinegar is well-known as an effective, environmentally-friendly household cleaner. But did you know it’s one of the best ways to eradicate the salt stains from your car?

To do so, mix a half and half mixture of vinegar and water and spray it onto the affected area. Let the liquid stand for a few minutes before using a brush to lightly loosen the salt. Don’t brush the area too heavily!

Repeat the step above again but this time, use an absorbent cloth to wipe the area. Then, use the wet/dry shop vacuum’s wet setting to remove any remaining moisture. If you don’t have a wet/dry shop vac, heavily press down on the area with absorbent towels or paper towels.

Repeat the steps above as many times as necessary to completely remove the salt stains.

To rid your car of the vinegar smell, leave the windows open and drive with the HVAC system set to push air through the floor vents.

Method #2: Dish Soap

Because this is a method that is wetter, it’s best used for floor mats that are removable.

After mixing one-part liquid dish soap with four parts warm water, rub the solution into the carpet using a brush. Rinse with clean water.

Then, either suck up the water with your wet/dry shop vac or hang the mats to dry.

Bringing Your Vehicle Back to Life this Spring!

You can see the toll that winter made on the interior of your vehicle…but you’ll need an expert to inspect your vehicle’s exterior and engine components. That’s where Mallery’s Auto Body and Collision Inc. comes in!

Based in Olean, New York, our friendly and professional team of mechanics can thoroughly inspect your vehicle, completing any necessary spring maintenance. We can swap out your winter tires for your summer ones, complete regular maintenance such as an oil change, plus repair any dents or scratches that may have happened during winter driving.

Get your car in the best shape possible before hitting the streets of Olean this spring! Contact Mallery’s Auto Body and Collision for more details about our services.

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